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Agency and Key Player Programs

A Great Opportunity for Agency Program Partners

The Agency Program allows organizations and individuals to collect commissions for simply referring qualified clients interested in Design Wonders Networking services.

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To make the Key Player Program work for you: Submit 3 qualified client leads, who in turn, submit 3 qualified client leads to Design Wonders Networking. The Agency Partner can generate a commission on clients they introduce to the program!

  • Click here to complete the Agency Program Registration.
  • Complete a Lead Sheet for 3 prospective clients.
  • The three prospective clients, in turn, become Agnecy Program Partners and submit 3 prospective clients.
  • Commission is paid to the Agency Program Partner based on all clients introduced to the Agency Program.*

    • Personal Qualified Leads:
      $100 or 10% of the initial development fee.

      Qualified Referrer Leads:**
      $25 or 5% of the initial development fee.


  • 1-5 signed clients per quarter     5%*
  • 6-10 signed clients per quarter    10%*

Quarterly Bonus: additional 2% retroactive to beginning of quarter, if over 10 signed clients in one single quarter.

* Commissions and bonuses to be paid on the 15th of the next month following closing.
** To be qualified, the Referrer under you must submit and average of at least 5 total leads per month and maintain a 2 lead success rate.


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